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What is the future of the CMO role?

In the past two weeks, we’ve witnessed two of the largest consumer brands losing their CMOs. Coca Cola’s Global CMO was let go due to a restructure, and in Australia Unilever’s CMO was made redundant. This topic flamed a conversation I had with a potential partner, as he challenged the relevance of the CMO role in today’s market. Read more

Marketing is too important to leave it to the marketers

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The resurgence of the marketing profession

With all of my technology-savviness, I’m still an old-school marketer. The marketing profession for me was never just about the messaging, or the promotional channels, whether it was ATL or BTL. It wasn’t just about the website visits, open rates, CTRs and CPC. It wasn’t really about the technology either – the CRM, the Marketing Automation, the CMS or any other f***ing TLA. I get it – as marketers, we are measured and monitored, and we do have to deliver on those, however, we, as marketers, have lost sight of what is really important, and all of the various factors and fundamentals that make the marketing profession what it really is.

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What makes a top performing marketing team?

A recent study published by, uncovered traits and characteristics of Top Performing marketing teams from around the world. The survey illustrated the shift in marketing focus, depicting the make up of a top performing marketing team – what they focus on, which environment they play in, their collaboration practices, and more.

SFDC ( is one of the largest technology platforms providers, providing sales & marketing software to a wide variety of companies. The research teams surveyed close to 4000 marketers from around the world. The respondents work in B2B and B2C environments, in various positions (from marketing analyst to CEO/CMO). Survey participants came from a wide variety of industries, and company sizes, from micro businesses to LARGE enterprises. Read more

5 common pitfalls when implementing a marketing strategy

There are many challenges and pitfalls when trying to implement a strategy. Team, Budget, management and other factors have a huge impact on a successful implementation journey. As long as you’re aware of the pitfalls, the better chance you have in avoiding them, or at least minimise their impact.

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