February 5, 2018 Raz Chorev

BREAKING NEWS – You won’t believe what just happened!

First, I’d have to apologise for the click-bait title. Sort of an apology… 

I needed to get your attention and cut through the noise. I’m not in the habit of using such language, but – you can’t argue with success! 🙂

Now – to the news…

While most of you were enjoying a relaxing break on the beach, or on the slopes, I have utilised the “down” time to catch up on neglected projects, necessary planning for 2018, and… a proposal I had received from one of our long-time partners, Stylequity Advisory, to amalgamate Orange Sky.

A quick background – over the past 3 years, Orange Sky was contracted to work with a number of Stylequity’s clients. Based on our shared values and business ethics, in addition to a complimentary service offering, we’ve decided to merge the two companies, to maximise the value we provide to all of our clients.

What does it mean to you?

For our existing clients – the only change you’ll notice will be in the billing – different bank account and entity name. You might also be introduced, when applicable, to the wider Stylequity group, to work on a comprehensive business strategy, maximise operations efficiency and profitability, corporate structure, funding, and other services. Again – only when applicable.

For our future clients – you’ll experience and have access to a big-end-of-town advice quality, in an target-market-appropriate rate…

2018 is gonna be HUGE for us. How about you? How will you grow in 2018?

Onward and upward!



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