What's in the name?

The meaning behind the brand - what does Orange Sky stand for?

Every brand has a story. When you hear the story, suddenly things make complete sense. Orange Sky is no exception! To create a memorable brand name, we first came up with the story. What is it that we do? What do we want to be known for? What is our Unique Selling Proposition? What value do we provide to our clients? Those fundamental questions had to be answered, to help us come up with the name, and visual elements of our brand.

Let’s begin with the name – Orange Sky.

Our Value Proposition – We offer a continuing, full circle, all encompassing marketing service. We have a deep commitment, and would work around the clock for our clients. We’re NOT hired per hour, or per project. As we become a part of the C-Suite of the company, we’re accountable 24/7.

So we needed a name that represents that value proposition. An orange sky can be seen twice a day – Sunrise and sunset. Every day we have those two events, without fail. It’s a continuing, reliable occurrence. It happens EVERY DAY, although for a very short period of time, but the impact is huge – just Google “sunrise & sunset pictures”, to see how many people capture those magical moments. The hashtags #sunset, #sunrise and #orangesky have 10’s of millions of users, on every social network (check out Twitter / Facebook / Instagram to get an idea.)

The Visual Element

Orange Sky IconOur graphic designer came up with so many different options, it was hard to choose. We could’ve chosen any graphic element, shape, colour etc. but we’re looking for something with meaning. Eventually we chose this graphic image, which when people see it they attribute it to two distinct elements – a cloud, and a brain.


A Cloud – provides a natural associative fit with the name Orange Sky. In recent years the word cloud has also been associated with technology, which marketing is using more and more of.

A Brain – we believe that marketing utilises both sides of the brain – the creative AND the analytical. Our service to our clients isn’t only creative work. We focus on strategy, processes & measurement, and implementation management. Marketing traditionally is viewed as a creative & artistic profession. As experienced Corporate marketers, we know there’s a lot of science behind what we do, so we found the Brain as an appropriate representation for our approach.


Strategic Guidance. Tactical Implementation.

Every business needs a strategic direction. Every business needs creative marketing execution.
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